Leveraging Your Greenness to Attract Top Talent

Leveraging Your Greenness To Attract Top TalentAs more employees consider corporate social responsibility a key factor when choosing an employer, organizations are finding ways to promote their sustainability. In order to attract and retain the best and brightest in your industry, leverage your greenness and download this article (and don’t print it!).
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HR Metrics: How Much Is Your Talent Worth?

Defining HR Metrics - How Much Is Your Talent WorthWhat are HR metrics? Executives request HR metrics to quantify the cost and the impact of employee programs and HR processes. Advanced HR metrics (aka “analytics”) measure the success (or failure) of HR initiatives. HR metrics enable a company to track trends and changes in key workforce performance indicators. HR metrics are also how organizations More Info »
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How to Hold onto Your “A” Players

How to Hold on to Your A PlayersAs free markets, new technologies, and global competition create rapid change in how we conduct business, the only asset that cannot be imitated is your top talent. Your high performing and high potential employees are your competitive advantage; download this article to retain those employees.
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Fact or Fiction: Star Employees Want Promotions

Fact or Fiction - Star Employees Want PromotionsA common question among candidates is: "Will there be opportunities for promotion?" However, your most valuable employees may not be those who try to climb the corporate ladder, but those who focus on the job at hand. Download this article to identify how to distinguish your star employees.
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Exit Interview Research Study: Advanced Analysis Report

Exit Interview Research StudyEmployee exit Interviews are one of the most effective tools to understand and reduce turnover. However, many companies don’t use them to their full capacity. For those that do exit interviews, what is the real impact? This first-of-its-kind Exit Interview Research Study with nearly 300 companies’ responses captured exit interview questions, policies, programs, and best practices. More Info »
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Engaging and Retaining Surviving Employees

Engaging and Retaining Surviving EmployeesAs tough economic times lead to increased layoffs, separating employees are not the only ones feeling the pain. Studies show employees who survive layoffs show high levels of stress and disengagement, leading to increased absenteeism and turnover.
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eBook: I’m in HR, What Do I Do with Social Media?

Im in HR - What Do I Do with Social MediaThis comprehensive eBook examines the benefits and opportunities of leveraging social media across all 8 stages of the Employee Life-Cycle. Using social media to achieve talent management goals can be overwhelming. But in reality, social media is not new to HR. It is simply an easier, faster tool to communicate with employees and create a More Info »
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eBook: Employee Separation Management Handbook

E-book - Employee Separation Management GuideWhat do you do when a high risk employee quits? How do you know when you need to terminate an employee? What is the right way to lay off employees? More Info »
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Cost of Employee Turnover Checklist

Cost of Employee Turnover ChecklistTurnover costs money. Real money. Money that would have bought new equipment, better benefits, or expanded marketing. What are the major costs of turnover at your organization? A true Cost of Turnover Analysis takes 3-4 weeks. There are 151 variables to calculate, including: 1) The time it takes for a new employee to get 100% More Info »
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