Why Does Staff Appreciation Matter?












64% of Americans who leave their jobs say it is because they didn’t feel appreciated.*

This astounding statistic sends a clear message about the impact of staff appreciation on employee retention and performance. Letting staff know that you recognize their work and appreciate their efforts results in increased productivity, which in turn leads to reduced absenteeism and safety issues, as well as  fewer mistakes, theft, and carelessness in organizations.

While employees are cocooned in their cubicles during the current economic downturn, many predict that when the recession is over  employees who felt unappreciated or mistreated will leave their jobs. Recognizing employees now by communicating your appreciation for their work will increase loyalty as well as increase external job applicants. In short, affirming your employees’ value now will help you retain them in the future.

What is the Bottom Line?

Staff Appreciation Day or any type of staff appreciation is an important part of keeping employees engaged and motivated.  However, it does not work in a vacuum. To create a “culture of gratitude,” appreciation and acknowledgment of your employees’ work must be an integral part of manager and executive communication.

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                                                                                                            * US Dept. of Labor