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“The mechanics of industry is easy. The real engine is the people:
their motivation and direction.”

-Ken Gilbert

Are you ready to make staff appreciation a part of your culture? Are you interested in attracting, motivating, and retaining your best employees for years to come?

Contact Retensa, the employee retention experts.

Retensa’s Mission:

“To create workplaces where every employee is engaged by what they do and
inspired by who they work for.”

Companies grow with courageous, inquisitive, and innovative people. Retensa stays dedicated to this formula and we have become some of the most recognized Employee Retention Experts in the world.

Your new business strategy: Talent Management.

Organizations have undergone substantial workforce changes during the last 20 years in order to compete. The ability to attract, motivate, and retain employees has become a key component in developing a sustainable competitive advantage.

There are always opportunities for top performers. Leading Companies create a culture that supports all valued employees, ensuring that “high-potentials” and core staff continue to be productive members of your company.

Retensa is dedicated to creating a culture of retention in every work environment. Yes, employee surveys and exit interviews promote retention, however — it’s what companies do in response to what they learn that counts. It is the demonstrated commitment to act on real issues. When successful, your employees become engaged in their work in such a way that they will contribute to everyone’s success. They will have neither the need nor the desire to seek new employment.

Building a Culture of Retention with Retensa’s Emergent Employee Life Cycle

Retensa built the first quantifiable and scientific approach to employee retention: the Eight (8) Stage Emergent Life Cycle (ELC) is the map to successfully recruit, engage, and retain your emerging workforce.

From pre-recruitment to post termination, Retensa’s Emergent Life Cycle (ELC) shows you where, when, and how to identify any breakdowns in the employee-firm relationship and provides real-world solutions to correct them.

If you are a small business, mid-market firm, or large company, Retensa can help you retain your best employees today. To talk to a retention expert, call (212)545-1280 or contact via email here.

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