Tips For a Successful Event

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  • DON’T make the event into a company information session
  • DO provide your employees the chance to enjoy themselves and escape from work for an hour or for a whole day
  • DON’T just “make an appearance” at the event
  • DO get involved and commit to making the event a success
  • DON’T just say, “Everyone’s done a great job this year”
  • DO make it personal. Your employees know if you’re just going through the motions
  • DON’T forget that sometimes great work is done behind the scenes
  • DO ask your staff to tell you about great work being done by employees throughout the company
  • DON’T make it about what’s best for you
  • DO remember that this celebration is for and about your staff
  • DON’T wait until the last minute
  • DO plan ahead and make the event as carefree for your staff as possible
  • DON’T consider this the only time you should say thank you
  • DO thank your employees regularly throughout the year
  • DON’T assume that everyone feels appreciated
  • DO enter to win a Free Staff Appreciation Attitudes Survey for your organization!