Retensa’s List of Fun Things to do for Staff Appreciation Day


Need event ideas for your staff appreciation event? Look no further! This list will give you all the information on fun and exciting events happening around the city that you and your employees can attend!

An important philosophy of successful organizations is balancing passion for work with passion for life:

  1. Ask an employee to write down six ways they would like to be rewarded. Anything goes. The only rule is that half of the ideas need to be low or no cost
  2. Schedule lunch dates with employees. Give them an opportunity to select a luncheon site, and simply use the time to get to know them better.
  3. Offer a free one year subscription to an employee’s favorite business magazine and have it sent to their home.
  4. Consider a gift certificate entitling an employee to lunch with their supervisor or another mentor of his/her choosing for the purpose of being coached on one or more topics.
  5. Offer a shopping spree to a local supply store for an employee to get items (no staplers or paper clips allowed) to personalize his/her office cubicle.
  6. Give a gift of wellness- have a massage chair set up in the office. Alternately subsidize a gym membership.
  7. Give gift coupons for ballroom dance lessons or golf lessons.
  8. Give a fun loving employee “on your mark, get set, go” cards that can be redeemed at their own discretion. The cards can be good for special treats, e.g. leave work early to go to a movie, shopping or playing basketball.
  9. Send a handwritten note of thanks for the completion of a job well done.
  10. If employee(s) stays late/goes above and beyond to complete a project, send them and their partner(s) to a nice dinner.
  11. Purchase a company toy your employee would most enjoy; cappuccino machine, dart board, volleyball court, exercise room, e.t.c.
  12.  Have executive management do a cook off and let the employees eat free lunch and judge the contest.
  13. Allow employees time to go out for a free event during office hours e.g., free yoga in the park, free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s a street fair or a happy hour on the boss.
  14. Paired off breaks- colleagues are picked at random to have a “get to know you” coffee break once a week- get to take a break for fun and get to know your entire office better (team building + fun + caffeine!!! What could be better?)
  15. Have some sort of mascot, e.g. a fish, which is conferred upon one extraordinary worker weekly, the workers who receive it are in charge of giving it to another worker the next week.
  16. Have some sort of snack shelf or fridge which is resupplied a way of showing care.

Start having fun at work today!