eBook: I’m in HR, What Do I Do with Social Media?

This comprehensive eBook examines the benefits and opportunities of leveraging social media across all 8 stages of the Employee Life-Cycle. Using social media to achieve talent management goals can be overwhelming. But in reality, social media is not new to HR. It is simply an easier, faster tool to communicate with employees and create a sense of community. Don’t fear it. Don’t hate it. Use it, and achieve HR goals faster. If HR leaders are using social media to its potential, they are driving the business forward. That is what we in HR want to do, and that is what leadership wants from us.

Social media provides HR with real tools to give employees what they want: answers, feedback, and the ever-more-important sense of connectedness. If you are in HR, you need to use social media to your company’s advantage. If you are in HR, this eBook will show you specific actions to do it.

Price: $14.95 USD