Exit Interview Research Study: Advanced Analysis Report

Employee exit Interviews are one of the most effective tools to understand and reduce turnover. However, many companies don’t use them to their full capacity. For those that do exit interviews, what is the real impact? This first-of-its-kind Exit Interview Research Study with nearly 300 companies’ responses captured exit interview questions, policies, programs, and best practices.

Who performs exit interviews?

When is the best time to perform exit interviews?

What is covered in your exit interview questions?

You can know what the most successful companies are doing, as well as how others in your industry use their exit interview surveys in this comprehensive exit interview analysis.

The report details the approaches and methods that companies use to design, deploy and collect exit interviews. The results also show how organizations leverage the data collected to reduce turnover of employees who stay—information helpful in determining exit interview guidelines for your organization. Download this exclusive exit interview report to start a new exit interview process, or to ensure that you are getting the most out of your exit interview program.

Price: $475.00 USD